“Just tell me what to eat.”

If I had a quarter for every time I heard that!  The problem is – there is no detailed food-by-food diet that anyone will follow forever. Nutritionally, it might be perfect, but eventually you’re going to get tired of the specific foods I’ve prescribed. This brings up one of the key concepts I routinely preach . . .

Consistency is important for progress; variety is important for longevity.

Without a doubt, nutritional consistency is vital in making progress toward the body you want.  Many people are aware of this link between consistency and success, so they find a few suitable foods and eat them every day for weeks on end.  Sure they see progress, but they’re doomed to fail because who wants to eat grilled chicken, brown rice, and steamed broccoli twice a day for 3 months?!  

Incorporating healthy new foods and recipes as the weeks pass will ensure you don’t get fed up with your “diet.”  That’s a dirty word.  Nobody wants to stay on a “diet.”  I don’t even want you to “diet”!

I want you to enjoy a life that’s full of great nutrition choices and variety. So, here’s my challenge to you – try a new healthy, lean recipe this week.

Oh! And just you wait until next week! We’ve got a whole slew of new, incredible Rise meals coming. How does an Avocado Crab Salad sound? How about a Buffalo Chicken Wrap? Or, maybe you’d like the (I-can’t-believe-it’s-this-good) Black Bean Burger with Mashed Fauxtatoes.  Check out the pic below to get your mouth watering dose of nutrition variety!