Diet marketers are looking for any angle to catch your attention. This is especially true in the new year when so many people are searching for that “groundbreaking diet” that will work like magic. The hype might read something like this –

“Can’t lose weight? It’s not your fault! The secret culprit is gluten!”

So, gluten is evil, right?  Actual only 1% of Americans have Celiac Disease (an autoimmune disease that requires gluten elimination).

Oh, but wait! What about gluten sensitivity? A recently published study in the journal Digestion found that 86% of individuals who believed they were gluten sensitive could actually tolerate it with no problem.

Bottom line – don’t believe the hype. If you’re not losing weight . . . it just might be your fault. It also just might be time to make some solid step-by-step changes with your daily food.  Why not begin with something simple and easy like replacing a couple lunches and dinners with delicious, crazy healthy Rise meals?

-Coach Corey