Everyone believes that people should – Just say ‘NO’ to drugs!

Yet, the majority of Americans scream “YES!” to a certain drug everyday – caffeine. It’s our favorite pick-me-up and we pick it up often! The average American (who doesn’t intentionally eliminate caffeine) consumes roughly 300mg per day. Health experts consider up to 400mg per day safe for most healthy adults. But maybe the question we should ask isn’t . . .

How much CAN we have?

but . . .

How much SHOULD we have?

This depends on a number of factors (and we’re going to avoid deep nutritional biochemistry details), but there is one very important thing you should know – caffeine can lead to bodyfat gain.

Too much caffeine can actually stress your adrenals, raise cortisol levels, and promote fat gain around the midsection!  So, for a trim waistline, you might want to trim back your caffeine intake!

-Coach Corey