Recently I was at a family gathering (yes, of course there was food) when a certain family member commented to me that the cantaloupe was “not sweet at all” and “had no flavor.”  Just a few minutes later Ally said to me – Did you get any cantaloupe? It’s delicious!

Houston . . . we have confusion.  Fortunately, there’s a simple answer…

Ask someone who was born and raised in Minnesota what’s considered “shorts weather?”  In other words, when is it time for shorts and t-shirts?  Chances are they’re breaking out Spring clothes when it hits 55 degrees.  Not us southern folk!

Point is – whatever you’re consistently exposed to will adjust your viewpoint.

If you’re accustomed to -12 degrees, then 55 is heaven!  If you’re accustomed to drinking sugary soft drinks, sweet tea, and eating desserts all the time, then HECK NO, that cantaloupe ain’t gonna taste sweet!

But there’s good news! You can retrain your tastebuds. Seriously. Research shows us that our tastebuds can be trained to like certain foods more and more over time, and others less and less. So, regain the joy of food by reducing the frequency (exposure) of junk foods and consistently eating healthy foods.