Diets Suck.  You’ve probably heard that before…and here’s why:

Typically when giving presentations, I like to state it very plainly – Diets suck.  Today, I’ll explain why “diet” is a dirty four letter word. There are two good reasons to take a more strategic, gradual approach to changing your body.

1: Diets have a beginning and end.  Good nutrition shouldn’t.

You can’t just mow your lawn once. You don’t just feed your child once. You don’t contribute to your 401k once. Everything worth anything needs to be consistently tended and maintained.

When you’re either on or off a diet, there’s a good chance your normal day-to-day nutrition smells like a breeze blowing through a chicken house.  

Get day-to-day in order and get off (permanently!) the stinky, smelly diet.

2: Diets are too much too soon.

Imagine I told you that you had to take the GRE (a standardized test for those wishing to enter grad school) – with ZERO prep. Just show up and take it. Bam!

You would be a nervous wreck and probably perform miserably.  This is exactly what diets do. They say –

“Hey you! You need to lose weight! Do ALL of these right now! Yes, change everything you eat and drink and  do it NOW, starting tomorrow. Ready, set, go!”

Being overwhelmed leads to frustration and failure.  A more strategic, gradual approach succeeds because it’s simple and manageable, much like studying and preparing for your exam. Why not just start with one or two small changes at a time?

Tune back in next week, when I’ll share two more reasons diets suck.

In the meantime, if you’re looking to lose weight, get stronger, or just look great in a swimsuit, talk to your coach at Tribe about helping you develop a step-by-step plan for better nutrition. They know their stuff and can help you get rolling in the right direction.

If you’re not a Triber, feel free to contact me through this website or [email protected].

-Coach Corey