I never like someone telling me I’m dead wrong. I also never like telling someone else they’re flat-out wrong.  However, this flies out the window when a new nutrition client says the magic words . . .

I eat a ton of vegetables. I love ‘em.

No, you don’t.

If you’re like 91% of the U.S. population you eat less veggies than you think AND less veggies than experts recommend for a fit, lean, and healthy body.  Yes, you read that correctly, according to 2015 research, only 9% of Americans eat enough vegetables.

How many is enough?

For simplicity, I typically encourage clients to eat veggies at least 4 times per day. The recommended daily intake for awesomeness is 2½ cups per day.  So take my challenge – for 10 days, commit to eating ½ to 1 cup of vegetables 3 to 4 times every day and experience the gradual magic of veggies!  You’ll feel better, poop better, and look better.

(And no, a huge iceberg lettuce salad drenched in Ranch or Honey Mustard dressing ain’t going to cut it!)